This note is at the bottom of my home page but some people do not read it there - so I am repeating it here:


I do NOT accept outside editorial content, or submissions for so-called 'guest articles' written by any other authors. This blog is written entirely by me, from my over 40 year's practical experience of organic growing and trying as far as possible to live a sustainable lifestyle.  As I wish to avoid the possibility of causing any offence by the refusal of these increasing requests - and to avoid me spending my very limited and valuable time answering them - please do not email to ask. Thank you.


Neither do I accept any advertisements for products, or undisclosed free products of any kind whatsoever in order to fund it. In spite of the fact that some of these offers may be from companies whose ethics I may currently admire - I value my complete independence and ability to speak honestly and freely on many relevant topics - without any possible outside influence or interference. I am aware that in an increasingly mercenary age some think that this is a rather strange and antiquated point of view!  This blog is entirely funded by me, as my personal contribution to furthering awareness of the importance of sustainable organic growing, preserving vital biodiversity and showing that it is possible to grow healthy food and live our lives without harming Nature. 


Thank you so much for your interest and for paying me the compliment of reading this.  If you wish to write for a blog - why not do what I did - start one for yourself?  If you have the practical experience to back it up - then your experience would be valuable to others and you too could help to make our world a better place, both for us and for Nature.  It can be a lot of hard work - but it is very rewarding. 

I regret that I can no longer give individual gardening advice by email and am currently not doing any talks as I am busy working on other projects - although I may occasionally answer short queries on Twitter @nickykylegarden


Links to Other Websites You May Find Useful or Interesting -  Organic Trust certified organic seed suppliers in West Cork, Ireland. Many varieties, some rare, which are proven to do well in Irish conditions.   -  I order many of my seeds from organic seed suppliers Real Seeds. They have plenty of good varieties for organic growing - many of which you can see on my website - and they are also very efficient.  They even provide information on how to save your own seeds from their non-F1 hybrid seeds - thereby doing themselves out of repeat business! They are well worth supporting, especially in an environment where the global multinational seed companies are increasingly taking over small seed companies in order to control the seeds we use to grow our food and restrict varieties to those which they own the patents for!   -  Denise Dunne.  Irish herb and seed grower with interesting info on using herbs. Organic Trust certified organic herb plants and seeds for sale. Denise also makes flower arrangements and decorations for events, using organic herbs and wildflowers.   -  Sole Irish importers of 'Osmo' organic products, plant/lawn/tomato feeds, tools etc. They also sell Klasmann Deilmann organic, peat-free seed and potting composts. I don't use anything else - it's the best compost I've used in over 40 years!   - organic veg. seeds - Klaus Laitenberger also runs a variety of courses, workshops etc at his Milkwood Farm in Co. Leitrim - organic products for garden and home, tools, gas flame weeders, organic seed compost, green manure seeds, seed potatoes, onion sets etc.   - the certification body for professional organic producers, farmers, manufacturers etc. Also info on website on organic farm walks and other meetings open to the general public. Also list of organic farmers/producers of specific products.  - Certified organic producers of Highbank Orchard Syrup (delicious on anything!), apple juice, cider etc. Also run courses and events.

Irish Times Magazine, 15th November, 2014 - Fionnuala Fallon writes about what I'm growing over the winter in my polytunnels  -


I also write a monthly column for The Irish Garden magazine 


If you're interested in portrait sculpture - you may enjoy looking at some examples of my work on

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