What to Sow in July – 2024

Remember, always sow the seeds. You can catch up on everything else, but if you don’t sow seeds on time – you may have lost your chance…..   (This is particularly important for some late autumn and winter crops that need starting off now due to needing a long season of growth to produce worthwhile crops.)   *Also very important* – If you haven’t got seeds… Continue reading What to Sow in July – 2024

What to Sow in May – 2024

“Remember – always sow the seeds.  You can catch up on everything else, but if you get behind on that, then there’s nothing you can do about it.” – A great piece of advice I was given many years ago! French beans and Sweet Corn are just two of the reliable and delicious crops you could sow now directly into polytunnel soil.… Continue reading What to Sow in May – 2024

How to Mend Damaged Polytunnels – and Temporarily Reinforce Greenhouse Glass

As I write this, I’m listening to yet another named storm raging over us – this time it’s Storm Isha!  I first posted this on the blog about 10 years ago, but I’ve decided to update it again, as it helps to take my mind off my own polytunnels and stops my eyes from constantly… Continue reading How to Mend Damaged Polytunnels – and Temporarily Reinforce Greenhouse Glass

What to sow in December – 2023

  Kitchen table Sprouted Seeds and Microgreens for winter salads – easy to grow for super-nutritious salads all year round in small spaces Inside or in the polytunnel On the kitchen windowsill you can sow some fast-growing sprouting seeds – or ‘microgreen’ baby salads. They’re super-nutritious and easy to grow in small trays of organic compost or paper towels – just as… Continue reading What to sow in December – 2023


Mid-November salads in the polytunnel – an example of homegrown plant diversity – with 38 different varieties of leaves which you could be eating now if you had sown them in August and September Including – Growing Super-fast Microgreens, Plant Garlic in Tubs for an extra-early, disease-free crop, Sustainable, Planet Friendly Growbag Gardening Diversity is strength – in the… Continue reading NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2023